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September 11th started with a lot of emotions.  The families who lost loved ones, our nation and more.  I had just returned from Orlando for the eBay Parent Panel kick off and eBay On Location.  Stellar events all the way.  The people, the passion and the products. It's going to be a fun year!

And I learned about eBay Fashion including the amazing eBay Fashion App for iPhone.  Life is great!  And it's a FREE App. 

Where you can find Shoes like this:

New CLARKS Abbess Dream BLUE PUMP Womens Shoe 6 M

Dresses like this BCBG Red Dress.  

*NEW BCBG New Red One-Shoulder Embellished Dress 12$248                       Take a Look at this Handbag. DESIGNER INSPIRED CROC LEATHER HANDBAG PURSE BAG KHAKI

Before I headed to the eBay On Location, I had the eBay Mobile App.  Now, I am ready to really put it into action!  So fun and convenient for buying and selling.  My iPhone is ready. 

Now you can see the eBay Couples Makeover on the eBay Fashion page. 

You can also find the Missoni Target Clothing (that is the rage right now) on eBay Fashion.  Check it out.  What do you have to buy?

"Like" the eBay Fashion Facebook Page for more great finds.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*I am an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador.  The enthusiasm and interest in the eBay Fashion App is all my own.

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