Lands' End Back To School Alpine Trekker Boots

It's official - We're Back To School!

And in style I might add - Thanks to Lands' End Back-to-School Fashion!  And good for you too because right now Lands' End is running their Back to School SALE!  Key word people SALE! :)  And 40% OFF at that.  See..

Yesterday, you saw all manner of School Supplies.  My boys love school supplies - still.  They actually still help me shop and chose their favorite brands.  So funny, Rose Art in this supply, Crayola in this one and that one, etc.

Then it is on to the good stuff - the Fashion and Styles!  Mom gets really excited about this.  I love Back to School fashions because that means Fall is almost here.

Look at all of these First Day of school looks for girls.... oh, that's right I am a Boy Mom soooo...

We will not be left out... look at these "to die for" Lands' End Trekker Boots for Boys!  
School just got fun! 

This means outdoor fun and indoor comfort in the classroom / homeschool! :) We love 
comfort and style, too!  Especially with our Pajamas (could not resist) Uniforms on 
Field Trip Days, any day etc. 

This means they can run and play in the leaves and even be ready for the North Carolina snow falls! 

Look how fashionable the boys are.  The LOVE these!  I can tell these will be VERY versatile.  

See they look great for Fall.  Will look great with Jeans, and Snow Bibs!  These are the 
perfect all around boots for kids in the South. 


Hit the trail.
  • Durable suede/polyester mesh uppers are also insulated for a bit of extra warmth
  • Over-the-ankle height for good support
  • Flexible rubber sole has deep lugs for good traction
  • Antimicrobial finish helps reduce odor
  • Kids' feet grow fast: find the right size with our printable foot measure
Rugged and tough, these Trekker Boots are built for trail or town. No-fuss bungee lacing makes them easy-on/easy-off. Spot clean. Imported.

We love them!  See you on the Trails! 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*This is part of the Lands' End Back-To-School Campaign. We love participating each Fall and our opinions are our own.  Thanks LE for including us. The boots rock. 

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