Review: The Oceanic Restaurant - Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Recently, we returned to an old favorite... at the beach. We love Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Oceanic Restaurant is the only restaurant in Wrightsville Beach, NC situated on the beach overlooking the pristine Atlantic Ocean.

The food was amazing and checkout the views:

The Manager was so friendly. The Manager met us at the door and he followed up with each table about their service. I like when the Manager is on duty and available to you. He made sure all was run smoothly. It was!

Look at this Sanitation Rating: A 101.0

How often do you see 100 or 100+ ratings!

Indoors, we were greeted by this nice staff and were they busy. Holiday weekend!

We got seated within 5 to 7 minutes.

Love the ambiance already and haven't even seen our seat...

Surf's Up: The Oceanic!

Okay, I'll admit, right here you can see we have already eaten - thus the 'full tummy" on Mommy.

I'll confess, I over did it! :)

We are on the decks of the Oceanic! The view is this picturesque! Can you tell the Tigers are full and ready for a nap. Yep, after reading a few pages of their books, they crashed on the way home.

Of course, Boulder Mountain Man, my cute hubby, ALWAYS looks handsome and happy. (especially after a great seafood meal! :)

Lots of nice seating Downstairs by the window look at the sea.

The lovely Menu with the sea beyond the decks. The fish was amazing!

A Portion of The Oceanic Menu:

(subject to change/check daily specials and market pricing)

House Fried Seafood Platter
Fried shrimp, scallops, flounder and oysters served with housemade apple coleslaw and fries. 13.99

Oceanic Broiled Seafood Platter
Shrimp, scallops, flounder and two oysters on the half shell served with two beans and rice and chef’s vegetables. 15.95

Shrimp & Crab Penne Pasta
With sundried tomatoes, asparagus, bacon and lemon dill butter. 15.95

Grilled Fresh Catch
Fresh local fish served with two beans and rice and chef’s vegetables. Market Price.

Shrimp Scampi
Fresh shrimp tossed with garlic butter, white wine, green onions, Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, lemon, oregano and fettuccine pasta. 12.99

Mediterranean Pasta
With chopped tomatoes, capers, kalamata olives, artichokes and feta cheese crumbles over
fettuccine. 9.99

*Note how reasonably priced the seafood choices are. We like.

Even the Hibiscus was a warm Southern Welcome!

Pink Lemonade after a day of Boogie Boarding! Life is good! Or Pink!

Oh, yes, they saw several of these! Mom's thinking hydration! :)

My favorite was the Shrimp Cocktail. Nothing like fresh Shrimp!

Of course, we had awesome seats! We sat upstairs by the window. Fun times - look

at the green and blue waters.

Appetizer: Fresh Hush Puppies with Corn in the mix.


Boulder Mountain Man LOVED the Oysters and Shrimp Basket.

We both loved the Cole Slaw.

Tiger B loved his Fried Shrimp basket!

We love The Oceanic Restaurant. We go their regularly even before we were invited. We love sitting inside, upstairs by the water. We love the abundant seafood selections. They are consistently great!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*The Oceanic Restaurant hosted us and the review is all my own. We love working with our favorites.

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Girl with the Curlz said...

This looks and sounds wonderful. We will have to give this a try. I am always looking for new places to go especially by the water. Do you by any chance have any recommendations of places to stay at Wrightsville Beach? Thanks.