Austin-Lehman Adventures Challenge North Carolina

As a Travel Blogger here at Carolina Mama, I love sharing fun opportunities and finds for families.  So I was totally jazzed when - Colorado based (you knew it was coming!) - Austin-Lehman Adventures contacted me to join their:

Austin-Lehman Active Challenge!  Look what we did on our Austin-Lehman Adventure! :) ....

Oh, I digress... seriously, doesn't this adventure of theirs look awesome though!  Hey, let me tell you what we did!  Austin-Lehman Adventures sent us on our own Active Adventure right here in North Carolina.  So we got active right near home! 

We chose a day of Boogie Boarding off of the Wrightsville Beach Coast of North Carolina.  This was an incredibly active day for us.  We loved it and were in our element.

We arrived at Wrightsville Beach ...

at 7:00 am.... 

ahhh ...

the solitude. 

And the mighty Boogie Boarding! 

See Boulder Mountain Man kept up with the Tigers! 
And see how happy it was about it all. 

See the peace on this "boarder!" 

 There was a little relaxing too.  Right! 

Adventure with my Sweetie.  It's all good!  What a view! 

Then the day looked like this! The Sun came out!  Fun! 

Here we are after our day of adventure!  Heading to an awesome 
seafood lunch at The Oceanic.  Yumm. 

Well deserved after all that activity. 

We loved our Austin-Lehman Adventure NC and would like to try one of these!  

One of the many Family adventures

Or Active vacations like this one!  See the four of us white water rafting! :)  Work with me here.... I'm dreaming of an ALA vacation. I can totally see us doing this! 

And this Europe bike tours We bike all the time in NC so time to bike in the Rockies or Europe.  This would mesh with all of our studies of France!  and the French language. 

Let's just start with the Rocky Mountains!  Like Yellowstone and the Tetons!  

You can check out the ALA trips for yourself and see what kind of Family Europe vacations you can have. 

Warmly,   Carolina Mama

*Austin-Lehman Adventures invited us to join their ALA Active Challenge. We were happy to take the challenge.  We loved our adventure and all the ones I chose to list here.  Thank you ALA, let's do this again soon.  We'll come visit! :)

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