9/11 Ten Years Later

New York City, United States of America

9/11 as I watched on ABC News

Just had a big conversation with the Tigers regarding 9/11. Where were you on 9/11?

Our boys were six months old. Though they still nursed, they were beginning to eat Baby Food. I was home feeding them breakfast. My Husband was at the University - USM - Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

We have chosen to not purchase cable television in our entire marriage. We did not have cable and at that time meant little to no tv. We had just gotten back from a long viist to Colorado to see My Husband's parents and a new neighbor had moved in - when the cable guy turned on their cable, he turned ours on too.

Uncustomary to me, I turned on the television that morning. Quite literally as I turned it on and saw the solemn faces of Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson, the plane flew live into the second tower... all of our worlds changed. This was no mistake.

Unbelief, saddness, and fear quickly began to cycle through my body and mind. I could not readily reach my Husband - he was in class. I was glued to the telephone talking to family and friends. I had college roomates and sorority sisters in NYC, family in DC. Even family in Chicago, and Louisville, KY felt too near the mahem.

My Husband called me between classes as he always did. He had not heard anything. As he reached the door of his next class, there was a note posted canceling class. He came home immediately.

As the world changed and we all prayed incessantly, I began to receive news that family was well. My sorority sister called to say a dear family friend of theirs was working in one of the towers that day - "he was still unaccounted for" and they had three small children.

It's not about me and yet I carried this heavily as a new mother to twin sons, wondering if their Daddy would make it out, home. We prayed and waited. So many did.

Some days later, the phone rang, he made it out of the tower, ran down the street and was struck as the tower collapsed, he died from the impact.... I still think of and pray for the family.

And all of those who lost so much. The writer in me cannot help but piece together the timeline of my mother (and Dad, our family) had a historic tragedy while raising infants - I was six months old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. We lived in New Orleans. Eight hours from the assassination and in the town where the asailant was raised. What a world.

Makes me ever more thankful I trust the living God who says, 'In this world, you will have trials and tribulations, Fear not I have overcome the world." Our thoughts and prayers are with our country, each family and child that was affected today, forever.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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