Battery Education Rayovac - Resource Power Guide

As a Boy Mom, Batteries are Life!

There I said it!  Really though, we all know how "important" a great supply of long lasting Batteries are in every home especially that of Boy Moms! :)

It has been one Fun Year working with Rayovac!  The Battery King!  Seriously, I have learned so much about Batteries.

Now Rayovac brings you a lovely Power Guide of What Battery Goes In What Device!  I''m loving this simple Guide.  Consider this your Battery Boot Camp. 

Take at look at the Pictorial with Me:  (Can you tell I'm a Visual Learner!) :)

Each Battery Chemistry is formulated to perform optimally in specific devices.  I had no clue about this until I learned from Rayovac all of the different options. 

Heavy Duty:  Best for Low-Drain Devices such as your Remote Controls, portable Radios, Alarm Clocks - a Mom's essential - and small portable Flashlights.  My Kids Love These and check out the Shelf LIfe - 5 Year Shelf LIfe for AA Batteries. 

Alkaline:  These batteries are ideal for Medium Drain Devices. This is the #1 Selling Battery Chemistry today!  These work best with Battery Operated Toys, LED Flashlights,  and Medium Flashlights.  Shelf life up to 7 years.

Lithium. These batteries are ideal for high drain devices when charging is inconvenient.  Thing about CO2 Detectors, Smoke Alarms, Wireless Microphones and we have a Weather Radio Flashlight that uses these batteries.  Stores up to 10 year shelf life. That's awesome. 

NiMH Rechargeable. These are awesome for every day use on high drain devices. And they recharge 100 Times.  Worth their weight in gold. :)  Awesome for digital Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, Flip Cameras, MP3 Players, Wireless Gameboys, etc.  Possibilities are endless. Rayovac Rechargeable Batteries are ready to use out of the package.  So convenient.  No waiting! 

Now, you have a Resource Guide for your Battery Education by Rayovac.   Did this help make sense of all the battery options and how to best use them.  I loved learning all of this and better using them!

Rayovac powers my life and powers longer.  Just saying!

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*Rayovac Power Blogger

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