"Lets Talk Cost with BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

Let's Talk Cost with BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

As a Mom of Twin Boys, I know the peace of mind that good health care brings.  My sons had just started their first day of third grade.  We had just eaten a picnic lunch together.  The children were happily playing on the play structure.  I'll always remember the odd moment when I realized - through my own conversation a little voice was talking to me - someone was standing a few feet away saying, "Someone fell down on the playground…he can't get up."  I had a sick feeling when I jumped up to see who's child had fallen…. It was one of MY sons.  

As I looked at his mangled arm, I threw myself to the ground to hold him, all I knew was that we had to get him to our nearest hospital fast.  Our hospital of choice was near this playground.  My husband would meet us at the ER.  We had excellent doctors and care and the doctors were able to re-locate his elbow without surgery. 

Looking back, it was reassuring to know the BCBSNC had us covered.  My son would get the care he so desperately needed. Today, health care is still a hot topic in our communities.  BCBSNC wants to create solutions and they want to start by listening and giving us a voice.  

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina launched a new campaign in April called Let’s Talk Cost to discuss the rising medical costs that many of us face.  In this campaign, BCBSNC issued a challenge:  Stop looking for a scapegoat, and start talking. 

By collaborating and hearing the issues and opinions of those most affected by health care costs, BCBSNC can more effectively address the issue and come together to find a solution for health care costs.
In an Interview post I wrote, “Interview with Katherine Brooking for Yoplait,” I began with a quote from Katherine Brooking that began said, “I believe that a healthy lifestyle is within everyone’s reach…” 

Unfortunately, this is not the case for some North Carolinians. High medical costs prevent many from receiving the medication or treatment that they need to live a healthy lifestyle. That is why BCBSNC started Let’s Talk Cost - to address these issues, educate people on their health care options, and collaborate to find ways to rein in health care costs.
I am happy to share this campaign with all of my readers and friends to encourage us all to think outside of the box to become involved in the discussion of affordable health care.
If you are interested, BCBSNC would love to hear back from you! If you have any questions about the campaign visit the campaign website at: www.letstalkcost.com.  You can follow them on Twitter @BCBSNC .

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

*FTC Regulations and Disclosures: I am working for BCBSNC under contract. My stories and insurance preference is my own. 

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