Rayovac Rechargable Mobile Device Charger - At WalMart Today

Today, I cannot contain my excitement about the newest Rayovac invention! Rayovac's innovation is unsurpassed.

Bringing you.... Rayovac Rechargeable Mobile Device Charger! This beautiful, small and light-as-a-feather charger is awesome!! Now we can all charge up and increase our "Talk Time" to 6 Hours. Isn't that what it's all about anyway!

Got Power! No more stuck with a phone down. Rayovac PowerPack to the rescue! Here are the Features and Benefits:

•Rechargeable Mobile Device Charger

•800 MAh Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Charges in 3 Hours

•Recharge PS60 by USB or your device wall plug

•Includes adapters: Micro USB, Mini USB, and Plug for Apple Devices

•Charge Cell/Smart Phone for 6 hours of Talk Time

•Recharge MP3 Player and iPod Nano 3X

•Compatible with cell/smart phones, digital cameras, portable gaming

devices and MP3 players

•LED Battery Gauge Indicators

•Colored LEDs: Indicate Charging Status

Get more Information on the product at Rayovac and always get the inside on the Rayovac Facebook Page.

The Big News is it is Available at WalMart! With a WalMart price tag.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*Rayovac sponsored post and product. Love of Rayovac is all Carolina Mama.

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