Indestructible Lights Launch by Rayovac

News Flash: Rayovac just launched a new line of lights this week at the local Home Depot.  Yes, only at Home Depot.  September 2 to October 3rd, 2011.

When the Tigers were Tots, a neighbor girl, (newly married/no children) asked me if I was "Bored" being a Mom.  Ummm, Mom of Twin Boys... Bored?  Boredom is not my challenge.  "Bored no, terrified yes!"

When it comes to boys active, rambunctious...terrified...indestructible is a necessity!  In a tough world, we need a tough tool that is up to the challenge.

One that is Brave. Bold. Brash!  That's the Rayovac Indestructible Light!  I am soooo excited.  Now, I don't have to hide Mom and Dad's Flashlights! :)  Oops, Did I just admit that the boys get their flashlights with the cool LED etc. and we get ours and hide them tuck them away for actual intended use. :)

With Rayovac's Indestructible Lights this is no problem.

Indestructible Lights Background:
  • aluminum/titanium construction, unique metal and rubber design, superior engineering;
  • a lifetime guarantee, it's a very generous guarantee; 
  • Rayovac Indestructible Lights are the bright, long-lasting, durable lights - they work just as hard as you, they’re virtually indestructible. So bring it on—these lights can take it. 

Indestructible Lights Features:
  •   Brightness (100-150 lumens)
  •  Durability (30 foot drop test)
  •  Price/Value (under $25)

Enter the Rayovac Indestructible Promotion! to Win $1,000 Home Depot Gift Card!!  

Grand Prize: 
1)  $1,000 Home Depot Gift Card (to be drawn at the end of 30 days); 
2)  Daily Prizes: 1 pack of Rayovac batteries and 1 Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight each day for 30 daysContest hosted on the Rayovac Facebook page:

Now, my quest to find "Indestructible Houses! with Lifetime Guarantee! :) Rayovac can you help me here? :) What do you need that is Indestructible? 

Warmly,   Carolina Mama

*This is sponsored by the Rayovac Power Blogger program. My writings and opinions are my own. And we LOVE this flashlight. 

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