BJ's Wholesale Club FREE 60 Day Trial Membership

BJ's is a great place to shop! You save a lot of money in so many different ways on a lot of really awesome products. We're talking electronics to clothing, car services, travel club, the list goes on & on. One of our favorite ways to save money at BJ's is the grocery section. You save an amazing amount for some really great food.

Another favorite way you can save money at BJ's are the incredible coupons they actually send you every month. BJ's is the only wholesale club that accepts coupons. Not only do they have their own coupons, but they will also accept manufacturer's coupons. They have them online as well.
To really add up the savings, you can use both coupons for one purchase. All this for a very reasonable $50 a year.

Check out BJ's today! For Free!

BJ's also has their Free 60-Day Trial Membership just in time for National Coupon Month. It can be activated until December 31. The risk-free, trial membership includes full member benefits including savings and no surcharge.

We purchased Weight Watchers String Cheese for $1.75 off, Charmin Bathroom Tissue $3 off and remember the manufacturer's coupons take even more off of each item.

BJ's has always been a great experience for myself and my family, how about you?

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*BJ's Wholesale Club sponsored this post. We have been members previously on our for a while now and we love it.

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