News - How to Turn Clutter Into Cash -

New Orleanian Deborah Norville of InSide Edition clears out the clutter. She hired a professional organizer to show her the inside on eBay!

At the end of the day, she had over $1,000 worth of items for eBay to go on auction. See, we can do this! I am so jazzed about joining the
eBay Parent Panel Ambassadors 2011-12 that I am ready to sell, sell, sell because it is fun!

And get ready, the new eBay Mobile App is awesome and FREE for iPhone, Android and Blackberry!

Next week I will be learning lots more on the Mobile App. For now, download it and get ready for the benefits. I love that I can upload and list straight from my iPhone. That's my kind of business.

Are you an eBay Buyer or eBay Seller or eBay Both! I'm Both - just saying!

Have a great weekend!

Warmly,Carolina Mama

* I'm a Member of the eBay Parent Panel Ambassadors 2011-12. And I love eBay! 

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