eBay Lists Parent Panel Ambassadors 2011-12

It's Labor Day Weekend I've got eBay on my mind. Remember how over the moon I was here.

No, I am not cleaning out closets on "Labor Day" weekend. No, I am not Christmas shopping on eBay. I'm getting excited to meet the eBay Parent Panel Ambassadors at the ebay On Location in Orlando this week!

We are all excited to learn how to master the art of selling on eBay. How did they know this is on my 2011 Bucket List. Seriously, we all have those friends who so savvily master eBay. Now, I'm going to be one of those. Wait, not yet, give me time to go to eBay University to learn the fine arts. :)

The eBay Parent Panel will be sharing each month all about our eBay selling experiences. Yes, that link is to the eBay Seller Information Center so you too can master eBay.

For my Fashionista friends, here is the eBay Fashion Guide to show you what is hot, trendy and popular right now and all year!

Drum roll.... here is the awesome group on the Parent Panel that I get to meet and work along side this year. Take note, they will have stunning tips and tricks all year too.

... and without further ado....


Ambassador Name
Twitter Handle
Alicia Harper
Kris Cain
Jacqui Stewart
Heather Buen
Mike Johnson
Josh Becker
Kim Grenon
Eric Payne
Leticia Barr
Frederick Goodall
Jenn Padgett
Sara Wellensiek
@Mom Endeavors
Jenny Ingram
Caroline Murphy
Jill Bender
Melanie Edwards
Kristin Lesney-Ruiz
Beth Davis
Malise Terrell
Emily Hill
Sommer Poquette

As before, let us know if you have specific eBay questions or concerns. We'll help.

Warmly, Carolina Mama

* sponsored by eBay

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