Great Wolf Lodge - Concord, North Carolina Snowland & More

Concord means Harmony! And there was a whole lot of harmony this past weekend...

Arriving at the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina!

The wonder of it all. May they always carry this joie de vive!

The Staff at the Great Wolf Lodge were so accommodating! And friendly! The gift bags and DVDs on the desk behind them Welcomed the Mom Bloggers to the Great Wolf Concord! We love our keepsake Caribou Ornament for our Christmas tree!

We let the kids get start swimming while we waited for them to get our room ready.

Here's my Animoto of the trip... some of our family favorite memories, a little shopping and great friends!
Great Wolf Lodge Concord, North Carolina

Here's a favorite Mommy moment and at Great Wolf Lodge, there are many of these memories! We loved our family time here.
Carolina Mama & Twins

One of my favorite amenities of the Lodge was the lovely Arm Band that was your Room Key! Yes! Check this out, here I am opening my room with a swipe of my wrist! It was so awesome to say, going to the room, and in the instant when you go who has a key, or reach for your purse, voila! the room key is on your wrist! It is waterproof so you're set the whole time!

The next morning all the mom bloggers and our families were invited to a wonderful and abundant Breakfast Buffet and we got to hear and meet the band Highway 101 who have won Country Awards in Nashville! They were so nice and it was special to sing "Joy to the World!" and "Away in A Manger!" with them! Here is Nikki Nelson leading us all...

Joy To The World!

Carolina Mama loves her mom blogger friends old like One Moms World and Real Life Sarah and new like this picture.
North Carolina Mom Bloggers

Then we all sang "Happy Birthday!" to the Mayor Scott Padgett of Concord! He was at the festivities the night before with Santa Claus and the lighting of the tree! It was also the birthday of the son of Eve White of Charlotte Parent! So there were lots of smiles and well wishes going around!

Happy Birthday Mayor of Concord, NC!

We stayed at the Wolf Den Suite and it was fascinating for the twins and us! Here's what it looked like in our Den at night!

One Tiger exhausted from the fun day and watching the flat screen in the 'wolf den'

Here is the Howling Tornado Ride that actually changed our boys lives... and ours! Too fun! You'll also enjoy this video actually uploaded by Great Wolf themselves. It is more in depth than mine so enjoy! And go, book your family vacation!

Great Wolf Lodge Concord, NC

Great Wolf Lodge is perfect for a family vacation and getaway! There truly is something for everyone! Have you visited a Great Wolf Lodge? What's your favorite Water Park?


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*Thank You Great Wolf Lodge PR for sponsoring this trip. They believe in the power of moms and know mom bloggers share what works for their families. They did not require me to write about the trip. I chose to write and share what an awesome 5 Star Trip we enjoyed!


Shannon said...

Best water park... Emerald Pointe, hands down. I still feel that the Great Wolf is too high. Right now you can visit for the day for 40 dollars and not spend the night. That is the same price as Carowinds, for what you get... it seems pricey for a large family. Hoping to get there one of these days. But bottom line, my kids would pick Carowinds over the Lodge.

Nancy M. said...

It looks like y'all had a lot of fun! I would like to take the kids there sometime. For best water park, I would have to pick Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World.

Real Life Sarah said...

It was so great to see you and your awesome family again! It was an incredible time, perfect winter vacation, for sure!

And by the way, you look so gorgeous in all your pictures! You shine, my friend!

ydcc said...

Hey hun!!! I live in Concord and have been wanting to check this place out for so long!! Thanks for an awesome review!

Pam said...

Planning a visit to the Great Wolf this weekend. We live about 5 minutes from there. Love your pics and video!