Carolina Mama Cooks!

Has anyone else been cooking up a storm like I have?! Seriously, I have been making old and new recipes and we're enjoying them all!

Here's what things have been looking like around here. And the American Flag, that' just for good measure. It's all American I tell you to cook and enjoy good homemade foods.

Roasted Butternut Squash
Carolina Mama's Homemade Chili

PB Kisses

This list gets added to the Tasty Tuesday Parade. We're ready to start up some Christmas baking. What are your favorites?


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Kelli said...

Looks delicious!!! My favorites this time of year are anything with pumpkin and homemade chili!!!

Unknown said...

Look at all those goodies!

Sandwiches - triangles or rectangles? Please stop by my blog with your answer!