Christmas, Holidays and Weight Watchers Girl

Apparently, we're all working to keep it together in the eating department this Holiday Season! Thanks for the thoughts and comments and questions concerning my Weight Watchers Girl plans over this most wonderful time of the year!

Fortunately, I have some good news to report. My plan to hold off on most of our Christmas baking until this last week - is working! Can you hear me, it's working! And did you hear what one of my sons and I came up with to help with the over-load on Christmas cookies calories?

We're making our Christmas favorites - in half batches! That's right!

All the goodness of our favorites without missing the family fun and tradition. Another tip that helps me, is that I ate a few of my favorites the night we made them and told myself no cookies tomorrow. And it worked ... until ...

The doorbell rang... and another cute couple - newly weds in our neighborhood - delivered a lovely Christmas Cookie Plate and Christmas CD! And of course, as reality would have it, her cookies were different than all of mine. So yes, I indulged.

Only after my good choice to go to my Spin - Cycling - Class that afternoon! It felt so great to stay focused and go to my class I really enjoy - love.

It's like my first aerobics class instructor used to say, "Everything counts!" So yes, that class really helped me stay away from the extra eating. I did indulge in three cookies but that's way better than other choices I could have made.

Remember my little WW Ice Cream Novelty Giveaway (sponsored in Nov.)? Even if you didn't, check out one of my favorite ice creams they have. These are so satisfying and tasty! And 1 Point! If you're like me, I enjoy ice cream year round. Just for fun, I wanted to remind you about these...

WW Novelty Ice Cream

Please let me know some of your tricks for staying slim this Holiday season?! It is fun to share ideas. And by the way, I was down 2 .lbs this week at my WW Meeting! Yes! I'll take it - worth every effort.


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Kelli said...

Congrats on the 2lb loss!!!! I am really struggling as well to overeat!! Enjoying a recent 8 lb weight loss, I do NOT want to see the pounds come back. Tips...try to walk each day and remember portion control. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

Unknown said...

Kudos to your weight loss! I'm busy trying to lose 6 pounds to get to my goal weight.
Thanks for all the tips and sharing your personal experience.
ps Please stop by my blog and leave a comment regarding "Do you still read the newspaper"?

Carolyn G said...

Oh it's so hard but I am big on portion control. FOr Thanksgiving, I had eveything but only 1 tablespoon of everything. I felt like I wasn't denying myself any of the good stuff thus I felt satisfied. It's so hard though when all the good stuff is around and people elxpect you to eat it. Another trick I have is I take bite and then give the rest to hubby who will eat it.