Remembering Nancy Cooper

There was a Mommy murdered in our town. Nancy Cooper. She left two adorable young girls behind. Ages 2 and 4. Nancy was a twin. She was a runner. "Took very naturally to motherhood" (her father said) You see where I am going. Though our town is small enough, Nancy and I didn't know each other. However, what similarities. Twins. Mommy. Runner. South. "Took very naturally to motherhood." This loss hits close to home on many fronts.

Allegedly she disappeared while jogging on Saturday morning, we initially were concerned about safety. Soon after she was found. Murdered. There are hardly words. The D.A. in our Cary searches for evidence to convict a 'killer.' As a mommy, I am drawn to her story. Her children. Our similarities. There's a great write-up on Nancy Cooper here. And I posted the picture above because I think that is how Nancy would likely want to be remembered. Loving her children. I know I would want to be remembered for - loving well. Living and Loving well. Of course, this could go into a whole other post but this is not about me.

Ya'll, I'm sad.

She, like us, was a part of the 'Mommy Club.' And I'll bet you that if Nancy Cooper and I had taken a run around one of the lakes or on one of the trails, we would have had a million things to talk about together. We would have laughed no doubt, at the difference in raising my boys and her girls.

In fact, Nancy Cooper could have told me a lot about same-sex twins. That's valuable information ya know. I could have told her about my new friends in Canada at Mabel's Labels. All the funny mom stuff.

We won't get that.

A lot of us in the community are feeling that today, we won't get that. More than that her sweet little girls won't get that. Like all moms want for their children, may they be loved and cared for by their family and friends that remain.

What do you most want to be rememered by your family and friends? Join us in praying for this family.



Kelsey S said...

Oh that is terrible! I will be praying!


Smelling Coffee said...

I'm so sorry about this. I will be praying for this family and for your community as you all mourn the loss of one of your own. I pray that the Lord will take this tragedy and weave something beautiful from it in His time... for His glory...for all who will miss Nancy Cooper. May the Lord surround your community and may all who mourn her feel the presence of the Lord carry them through these difficult days ahead.

More than anything, I want to be remembered as someone who loved the Lord and my family and His family... and as one who enjoyed the life He lived through us!

The Lord's blessings upon you all... Jennifer

Carolina Mama said...

Absolutely Smelling Coffee. Well, said, Loving the Lord, my family and His. I like that!

Shannon said...

I saw that on the news the other night about the finding of the body. So awful! It brought me such sadness thinking about her kids and family.

Malena said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)
Nancy Grace talked about Nancy Cooper and the developments last night. So so sad.

Jackie said...

So sad...I'm saying a prayer for the family.