North Carolina Winter Snow Days

North Carolina is truly enjoying the Winter Snow days this year. Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill and most of North Carolina is having a big winter. We have lots of snow and ice. Right now, we are expecting 5-12 inches more of Snow. It is snowing now. I wanted to share the fun we are having. The Wake County Schools have been cancelled due to snow for the past 8 out of 9 school days. :)  Lots of Carolina children are happy, happy, happy. Here's what we're doing....

There is a lot of sledding, snowman building, hot chocolate drinking and family time. I love snow days. We get a lot of family time.  We get to slow down and hunker down, as my Daddy would say. We enjoy the simple pleasures of Winter.

It's a winter wonderland. This was our small snow last week of just 2 1/2 inches with much ice. Remember, sledding is fast on ice. :)

We have spent many laughs around the fire roasting marshmallows, telling stories, 
jokes and drying out boots to go again the next morning. 

Lampost in the snow.

Our cuties the day before they turned the Big 14! :) 


Like father, like son! Sledding, Snowboarding... let's do this NC! :) 
The young neighborhood boy watches in glee. 

Back on the sleds with a smile. 

The ice was pretty on the holly berry in our yard. 

I loved taking pictures of the beautiful NC birds in our yard. 

Then we got these really HUGE Snowflakes! We like it like this. 

Back out we went.... More Snow Days! 

Boulder Mountain Man and our Young Men explored in the ice and snow. 
See the delight. 

Monkeying around over the iced pond. 

Sitting on the icy pond. Dad is cool to take us out for this fun. 

It seriously got this cold in NC. Look at the ICE! My 
guys are Wild at Heart here. 

Hiking with my Valentine. 

Let's don't forget biking. :) 

Biking with Dad because he used to bike in -5 degrees in 
Colorado. So cool. 

Pacific snow and happy father and son. 

Our lovely bird house. 

And our chirping sparrow. :) 

5-12 inches of Snow tonight and it is SNOWING Now! :) 

Winter we love you! This is my kind of Winter. Mild and 2 Weeks of 
a good Winter Snow! I am thankful for these day. 
Enjoy! Be safe. Be warm. Blessings. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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