High Hampton Inn North Carolina Memorial Day Family Celebration

This past Memorial Day was quite likely one of our family favorites! We were invited to the amazing High Hampton Inn Resort in beautiful Cashiers, North Carolina.

See how beautiful everything is on this property! Here is the Lodge! It is incredible!

What an outlandish experience for all of us! This Resort is an all-invlusive destination for your family. The General Manager Clifford Meads gave us our own tour of the property and let us know all of the fun we could get into while visiting! Talk about a warm, Southern Welcome! Thank you Clifford! He and Mountain Man could have talked for hours. And hiked this mountain too! It is an option! We hiked - just not this mountain! Maybe next year!

This was perfect for our active family. There is so much to do at High Hampton Inn!

Plan on a couple of posts here about it because I want you to really get the full effect! :)

Also, this is the most relaxing place to be. You are on top of a gorgeous mountain. And the High Hampton owns 1,400 acres of incredible property. So you are secluded and surrounded by the beautiful North Carolina mountains. There are gorgeous waterfalls near by! We know, we went!

The night we arrived, it was late because we could not resist driving right up after my husband got off of work for the long weekend. Our directions were easy and right on, as we got higher up the mountain - bye-bye GPS - so I made a phone call to the front desk.

We were in great hands. They walked us through the mountain and stayed on the phone right until we arrived at the front of the Lodge! Love this! Felt like family right away!

Then, this young, blonde athletic fellow, full of energy, who became our friend, Casey! He greeted us unloaded ALL of our bags! And took them up two flights of stairs into the Lodge! Our room was lovely!

We slept like a dream on the comfortable beds. It was so quiet and again, peaceful here! We slept with our windows open. What a wonderful start to a fabulous family get away to a magical location.

Breakfast was a feast! This is just me, I LOVED that I could not smell an inkling of cooking in our lodge suite! Really! And yet, just a short flight of stairs down to an amazing resort dining hall there awaited incredible meals!

Boulder Mountain Man got up early and caught the most beautiful pictures in the morning....

Our first breakfast was so memorable that first morning. And it included hot tea for the Tigers! Look how the loved it! We all loved it because it was perfection: hot breakfast, lots of fruit, yogurts, hot cereals, egg, juice, and so much more. The boys loved the pasteries. :)

Remember I said there are a million things to do?! While we were full of energy from the amazing all-you-can-eat breakfast, we took off for private Fly Fishing Lessons by Alex Bell FlyFishing! Stay tuned for the Fly Fishing Report next!!! .... someone caught something! :)

See you soon!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

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