Spectrum Brands Offers you $25 Coupon Savings

Savings and Shopping Tip: $25 Coupon Savings For Spectrum Brand Products

Let the Holiday Shopping and Savings Begin...

Let's face it, the Holidays are here! That means 17 Days until Christmas! Really! Makes me excited and checking my list all at once!

One thing I have Highlighted! **** and !!!! and on my list is: "Stock up on Batteries!" So Rayovac has partnered with Carolina Mama to bring you...

$25 Coupon Savings For Spectrum Brand Products

You know our experience is that Rayovac batteries are so long-lasting and durable. The Tigers look for them and love them. We do too because let's face it - when the batteries last longer... so does the calm. :)

Rayovac has money saving offers on batteries and beyond to help you get started!

  • You get More Power for your Money with Rayovac batteries and you can also get great discounts on other products with the $25 Coupon Book in Rayovac battery packs
  • Coupon book included on select packages of Rayovac AA 24 packs and AA 30 packs good for $25 in money-saving coupons on Spectrum Brands including:
    • Rayovac Rechargeables
    • George Foreman grill
    • Remington hair care products
    • Dingo Dog Bones
    • Flex360 Flashlight

  • Rayovac battery packs are available at Target, Walmart and most retailers where batteries are sold
  • Remember Rayovac batteries when purchasing battery-operated holiday gifts - there is nothing like Christmas morning with a cool gift that reads batteries not included and Mom thought they were and all the stores are closed....

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Sharing the fun, this Holiday Savings Tip is published at "Works For Me Wednesday" where I submit Wednesday Tips. Enjoy!

What are your Holiday Savings and Shopping Tips!? Come on, share with me! :)

Warmly, Carolina Mama

*Carolina Mama is a Rayovac Power Blogger

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