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As a young girl, I loved art. Always at Christmas time I had art pencils and sketch pads and paints on my wish list. I wanted to be like my dear Auntie a real life painter. We even looked a lot alike and we both played basketball well. In fact, she taught me her famous hook shot! And it did win us a game, a play off championship - in the final minute!

I always intended to take Art lessons and yet I was always taking something else, tennis, swimming, piano, ballet, etc. Art stayed on the list. Even when we lived in Virginia, I nearly took the art lessons from my Auntie. Life got busy and it didn't happen.

You can imagine my delight... and dream come true... when I recently got to take those lessons!

Carolina Mama
It was an awesome opportunity to take art classes at Raleigh's Wine and Design. If they can teach me, they can teach anyone! Really! And it was so fun!

Basically, Wine and Design is just that except you know me, I took in my Starbucks and life was good. Then I met the sweetest Owners, Harriet and Emmy! They are awesome Momprenuers!

"We want people to come in, relax, leave all of their worries at home, and at the end of the night, be proud of something they did! We’re excited about bringing WINE AND DESIGN to Raleigh and look forward to helping you uncork your creativity.” – Emmy and Harriet

Here is the entrance to Wine and Design NC!

Here is amazing and talented Emmy who worked with us that evening along with the instructing Artist.

Here is our Happy Class Post Lesson! :) And check out the gorgeous UNC Old Wells! And you do see the stately NC State Bell Tower. It was a Carolina Night!

Here is a close up of the night and my meeting Jackie a Wine and Design regular.

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Warmly, Carolina Mama


Melanie said...

What a great idea! I would love that!!!

Unknown said...

WAO!!!! That is pretty neat!!! Where are they located??

Jen @ One Moms World said...

That is so cool! Look at your painting too. Such a neat concept and opportunity!

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

wow, how cool was that! What a neat idea, wine and art!

Bobbi said...

Love it! It looks like a fun place.