A New President, "Win It Wednesday" Giveaway and WFMW

"We're still the USA!" It's the day after Election Day 2008! We're living history! It's an exciting time! And it's still "Win It Wednesday!"

Win It Wednesday

It's the day after Election Day 2008! We're living history! It's an exciting time!

And it's "Win It Wednesday!" This week Janae of Claire and Me is offering up a Burp Cloth Set and an adorable Child's Tee Shirt. Look how beautiful these are!

Enter Now:
1) Go visit here
2) Chose an item that you like
3) Come back and comment here with your favorite item or items.
4) USA citizens and email and address.

***Contest open until Wednesday Noember 11th.

With everything else going on today I still wanted to keep participating in "Works For Me Wednesday!" And I had to resort to a true favorite, and a confession even - we're tried and true Lego people!

The Tigers are entertained. They can build upon, build upon, build, etc. And they stand the test of time for sure. They even take my standing on them, tripping over them. We like to encourage them to be engaged in something besides the electronic related "up, down, up, down" of the games you see a lot now days.

And hey, best thing about Legos, No. batteries. Required!! Case closed. ;)

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Sarah said...

Oh, I'm the first to post, that must mean I'm going to win! Can I pick two (now that I know I can pick girl items!!!)
I love the Shelly onsie and the Bunny Burp.

I need to start stocking up on these things!

Rae said...

The Whale Onesie! It is adorable!!! I love the colors of the Layla Burp Set. Great etsy shop; great giveaway!!!

Christy said...

Please enter me for this give away! I really would like to believe that I can win again! What great give a ways you are having!!! Maybe I can win this for my new baby niece.

I like the bunny onsie (the oink one) and the Kennedy burp set.

Audra Krell said...

Amen to the legos my friend!! They are the best ever, hands down and as you said, case closed. Have a great week Carolina Mama!

Smelling Coffee said...

Since I don't have a baby, I love the Nicole Apron. I love aprons - they're very "in" right now. ;-)

Love to you... I'm going to bed EARLY tonight! :-)

Jackie said...

Legos are AWESOME. I have great memories of playing for hours on end with them.

I love the aprons that she has...the Nicole Apron is super cute. Thanks so much!

Janelle said...

I'm LOVING the taggie blanket!!!! My 7 month old baby girl is obsessed with tags and probably would go crazy with that little blanket! I think the little onesies are adorable too! I think my favorite little blanket though is the hippo one! My son's nickname is hippo because as a baby he would always open his mouth as wide as he could for no reason. So cute!

Greta said...

I love the John Blanket - it looks ooo comfy!