Rush Hour Fast Karting and Axe Throwing for Teen Birthday Parties

Teen Birthday Parties can be so much fun with Rush Hour Karting of Garner / Raleigh! 

The cars are so fast and fun! They get up to 45 mph! So it is perfect for teenagers. 

Fast and Furious! This is a great activity for summer fun! 

The track is large enough to test out turns and pick up a good speed! A little too fast for some of us (adults)! lol 

Here is the fun in action on the track. You get the idea. A good time for all! 

We LOVE that the race track has stats and times of all of the racers! 

Here's the latest: We LOVED the Rush Hour Axe Throwing! It was new for us and what fun! 

This was a great activity between races and for lots of laughs. Y'all it is harder than it looks. 

The Birthday Teens loved this sporting. They had a healthy competition. 

Happy Birthday Teens! They picked up on this Axe Throwing natuarlly! 

Rush Hour Axe Throwing is all about safety first so look at the lock box for the Axes! :) Makes this Mom happy to see. 

 Another great photo of the Axe Throwing set up! ) 

Boulder Mt. Man is a natural, as well! 

Both Twins had fun time whielding his Axe! 

Mom and Son!

Hey, hey, Carolina Mama is right on target, too! We got in on it, too! After I warmed up, I had a pretty good toss. So, if I can do this anyone can. 

Look at my Boulder Mt. Man go!!! He's got the moves and got a bull's eye!

The Axe Throwing is a fun date night idea! We made it a mini date while the Birthday Party was rolling and our guys were out racing on the track! The Happy Couple and parents of 18 year old twin sons! :)

Summer is a perfect time to throw parties at Rush Hour Karting and Axe Throwing! Indoors, lots of action and great food at the restaurant on site! We hope you get to go soon!

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Rush Hour Karting of Garner, NC. All opinions are our own! 

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