Monkey Joe's, Raleigh, NC "It's Like A Banana Ocean!"

Welcome to a Guest Post by friend, Christie Funchess.  You all remember Christie from our 
Winning the Food Lion Frugal Cook Off together. We had great fun. It is a joy to 
Welcome Christie!
She will share about her experience at Monkey Joe's, Raleigh, NC. 
Christie is a Mom of 6 children, including 5 girls and 1 boy.  

Monkey Joe's Raleigh, NC 

"It's like a banana ocean!!"

Monkey Joe's Raleigh, NC

We were thrilled to be invited to visit the Monkey Joe's here in Raleigh. what a privilege to visit and "test it out!"  Are you serious? Yes, please. 


"It's like a banana ocean!!" The first words that came from my seven-year-olds mouth as she jumped into the first bounce house at Monkey Joe's. It was really great to take my six children to Monkey Joe's and see the five older girls loving all of the fun! It was wonderful for them to be so active and having such a great time playing in the 'Banana Ocean!" 

And the excitement did not end. Bouncing, climbing, giggling, playing, and more bouncing.


From my kids perspective, they had a spectacular time. So many bounce houses and arcade games to choose from. There was non-stop excitement from the time we walked in the door.


Side note: it's super hard for a non-photographer to get good pictures of bouncing kids ; )

They loved the huge slides. And I do mean huge.


My almost two-year-old especially loved the Clifford car and carousel.


I loved so much about the experience. First of all, I felt completely safe. Everything was clean, rules were posted clearly, and the staff was always around to watch and help out. As a mom with a baby in a stroller as well, I loved that I could easily maneuver around the attractions and keep my eyes on everybody at once.

There were areas especially for smaller kids and toddlers. And how genius were the massage chairs for adults? = ) Now, the parents can relax a little. 


We loved the snack shop as well. Here is a picture of the girls enjoying Pizza! :) They really worked up an appetite with all of the bouncing and playing! 


The staff were so generous to let the girls try out the menu. = ) Everything was a hit - pizza, pretzels, nachos. I loved too that the sides were easy, simple snacks that the kids might see at home. (not all sugar) = ) And free water to stay hydrated for all that bouncing - so thoughtful!


So if you asked me if Monkey Joe's was a good place to take the kids? I'd say absolutely! For Family Fun, Birthday Parties, a rainy day, an after-school surprise, a play date with other kids - Monkey Joe's is perfect for safe, get-the-wiggles out fun. The Carousel was so exciting for all the children! 


You can read more on their website about parties, events, their safety and sanitizing systems - I was honestly impressed. Of course, as a mom I read up on everything before we went. = )

Thank you so much to the wonderful staff at Monkey Joe's for such a treat. You guys get two thumbs up for sure! Thank you Carolina Mama for sharing such a fun opportunity with my little people!

Most of all, thank you Lord, for the many surprising gifts of grace you give every day!


Thank you to Christie! You can read more of Christie's writing on her blog at Little Steps, Big  Picture. 

Warmly, Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Monkey Joe's, Raleigh, NC. All opinions are our own. 

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