Color Vibe 5k Color Kit with Tum-E Yummies

We are over the moon to Run, Walk, Play in the Color Vibe 5k Run in Charlotte this weekend!  Seriously, the boys have wanted to run in one of these for a while now.   So here we go.  We were on a roll training and now the time is here.

Part of the fun of working with Color Vibe and Tum-E Yummies is they sponsored our family and part of that is decorating ourselves for the Race!  So here's what we did.

We all had different ideas of what we wanted.

1) So Boulder Mountain Main chose Neon Shorts! :)  What better with the Neon Color Vibe Run!  And a White shirt.  EVERYONE Says wear a white shirt and get the fun colors all over yourself.


2) One of our boys LOVES Sport socks so he wanted Purple elites to go with his color run fun!  And he chose a small bag to carry his extra clothes and shoes in!  Yes, he does not want to get his Nikes colored up. So, he is carrying another pair.

3)  Our other son wanted to Light up the Race with his own Light Saber!  Yes, he bought another Light Saber to run all lit up.  This is his favorite thing to do, que, the memories of Disney World with light sabers all over the place.

4) Mommy decided to go practical.  Neon Pink Sports bra and Neon Socks to match. :)  Practical because I will wear these at the gym, on the trail or wherever. So we are set to Glow before the colors fly.

5) Finally, Tum-E Yummies has us covered on our ride home a) Car Seat Covers! Yes!  That is so awesome and ideal for us!  And the fabulous flavored b) Tum-E Yummies fruit flavored drinks also!  WE will be hydrated. and c) Pedometers. So we can track out steps during the 5k!  WE are so ready and excited!


Thank you ColorVibe 5k and Tum-E Yummies for your Support of Active Families!  We cannot wait to participate! 

Warmly,  Carolina Mama

FTC Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by ColorVibe 5k and Tum-E Yummies. All opinions are our own. 

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