Hanes Comfort Crew 2011 - Walt Disney World Retreat

Here's the Hanes Comfort Crew 2011 at the Downtown Disney Design A Tee Store:

My emotions are full! I am so happy, delighted, loved, comfortable and magically excited about the Hanes Comfort Crew 2011!

It is going to be a fantastic year! Hanes is doing so many things globally not the least of which they are making our planet green as quickly and efficiently as they can. Hanes was granted the prestigious Energy Star Award 2011! See Hanes Green! :)

As a Comfort Crew member, I look forward to sharing many good things with you about Hanes and all it is to our communities starting right here in lovely North Carolina - Hanes' home base!

Our last day together, we started the day with Breakfast at the Design A Tee Store in Downtown Disney! :) Hanes' very own and awesome Adam captured this great shot and I cherish the memory and look forward to many more with this great group.

Hanes makes you comfortable! :)

Warmly,Carolina Mama

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Jen @ One Moms World said...

It was so fun to hear you talk about this. What an incredible event Hanes put on for you all! I cannot wait to see what they have in store for this year. KUDOS Carolina Mama!