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"Mom, these batteries do not work nearly as well as the Green ones - you know, 
the Rayovac Rechargeables!"  Tiger A

I am a BoyMom - Twin Sons, 9 Year Olds, BigKids Mom, 
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Recently, at the ... 

Brand Immersion I learned more about Rayovac products - more than what we believe in our family - "you know that 'the green ones... Rayovac Rechargeables' ...are the best!" - they work best! 

Here are some Rayovac Facts I learned.  Rayovac Batteries are: 

1) Pre-charged and ready to power your digital cameras, handheld games, portable media players, and other high-drain devices;

2) More power, as AA rechargables can take up to 300 photos per charge—that’s 8X more than competitors’ lithium batteries. You’ll charge and reuse these batteries up to 500 times, reducing waste and saving money. 

3) Rayovac LASTS as LONG as Duracell and Energizer but Costs Less;

4) Rayovac Alkaline Batteries have been Made in the USA since 1906; and

5) A Rayovac battery powers the devices we depend on to make our lives easier.  Seriously, we depend on Rayovac!  Boys and batteries are a constant in our home.  And Rayovac Batteries rise above the other brands.  

Our boys know and choose Rayovacs.  You can too with these special Rayovac Offers!

What are your go-to batteries?  Do you have a favorite brand?   

*I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger

Warmly, Carolina Mama


Shannon said...

We used to use rechargeable ones, but they lose power very quickly after a while. Now I only use Energizer or the Members Mark brands. I try not to buy things that require batteries, lol.

Net Strand said...

Thanks for the article on the batteries. We can go through the non-rechargeable ones quickly.
These rechargeable ones seem like a very good idea.

Carolina Mama said...

Shannon, we love the Rayovac rechargeables. They are definitely money savers here. No cost to recharge. And time wise, it beats running to the store for batteries. We also try to avoid too many battery run toys.

Eric, you'd love it. They are so great and the boys recharge them on their own now. :)