Tender Colorado Carolina Christmas

A few of the fun things of the day, the boys loved their LEGO CITY sets.
Airplane's in the stockings, isn't it funny the way Santa gets all the credit! ;)
And the biggest fun was surprising 'all my men' with SNOWBOARDER the Rasta game!!!
Here in Carolina Country that is saying something for Mountain Man.  OK, it's actually
saying Southern Girl turned Carolina Mama really tried because Mountain Man says it is
nothing like the powder in his native Colorado.  I know he is right, I know it in my heart.
I know it in my soul because I love that powder that only Colorado produce.  Even if I am
a Skiier and am Southern proud of it.
Let me tell you there is nothing like watching the Tigers and Mountain Man on that
Snowboard right in our living room when we are supposed to reach 65 degrees today.
And did I tell you the little Cherubs got Daddy two gallons of Snow for Christmas! 
Amy Grant was right, "I know there's more snow up in Colorado than my roof ever will see,
but a tender 'Carolina' Christmas is the only Christmas for me!"  And with the 0 temps in
the Rockies this past week, we're not missing it - too much. ;)

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