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Work With Me

Welcome PR/Advertising!

Welcome to Carolina Mama!  Are you mystified with Social Media?  Looking for a Social Media Consultant who can demystify the process and help you relate to your customers through marketing using social media tools?  Let's work together.  With simple education and effort on your part, you too will benefit from the power of social media just like the corporations and small businesses I have worked with in the past.

Thank your for your interest in association with Carolina Mama Media. My degree in Creative Writing from the University of South Carolina, was a turning point in my life-long love of writing. There I was able to foster my love of writing and my creativity. Mommyblogging (still okay to call me - it's true) - life as a Mama, my children, my Mountain Man, family life, and All Things Carolina. Most recently, "Best of Carolina" first ever beach live-blogging at Ocean Isle Beach for our wonderful Sponsors. You could be one!

Naturally, I've always been a Connector and 'Cheerleader' by nature bringing everyone on board. The original Thought Leader, marketer and PR Girl. Our sponsors are many and mighty including, Fiber One, Weight Watchers Novelty Ice Cream, Lands' End, Swiffer, Nature Valley, PlayMobil, Build-A-Bear, Progresso, Crayola, UPrinting,  Thomas Nelson Publishing, Hanes, Schwinn, Rayovac, Disney Social Media Moms, etc.

We are FTC Regulations compliant. Please feel free to contact us with any information about our full disclosure blogging. All opinions are genuine and those of the owner of Carolina Mama.

Please contact me with your proposal of what you'd like to see me promote. I love new ideas and leading the way so let me know your dream project and we'll make it happen.


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