Skate Boy Andrew Needs A Miracle

This first day of September, I wake up to my boys saying "Happy September Mom!" as we do each month, each special occasion. As my own mother has done all these years. And my mind wonders to my dear blogging friend, Melanie and her sweet Andrew.

Report on Andrew
We have received a very bad report. But God.
HE is the I AM.
He is able, mighty, awesome, amazing, wonderful, beautiful, holy, creator, sustainer, redeemer, healer, Father and Designer of Brains.

PLEASE continue to intercede in faith filled prayer for a miracle for Andrew. To read more visit Melanie's blog here. Please pray for this precious family in this storm. Read more of Melanie's amazing writings there and how she is strong in her faith, how her family keeps the faith even in this dark night.

Thank God for your own blessings today. And hug your own family all the closer for we do not know what tomorrow holds but our future is in HIs hands. God Bless!


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B His Girl said...

Praying for Andrew. b

Kelli said...

Saying a prayer for Andrew and for the blessings we receive EVERY day!!

Melanie said...

Thank you, sister.