Carolina Mama And A Mom Conference

Blessings abound. I'm happy to announce I'll be attending the Type A Mom Conference here in Asheville, North Carolina. I am looking forward to seeing lots of amazing bloggers, writers, speakers and friends. Also, I am looking forward to meeting many contacts I have through Carolina Mama - live and up close and personal - and getting to listen, learn and share ideas about all of the things we mommybloggers do each day!

It is a real privilege to represent these amazing Sponsors who are sending me to Type A Mom Conference.

1) Ocean Isle Inn: One of North Carolina's own, Ocean Isle Inn is one of my sponsors and I will happily be spreading the word about this amazing Oceanfront Inn that is ideal for families or couples just getting away from it all. It is truly top notch. Look for me I'll have special offers that are unbelievable from Ocean Isle Inn and a prestigious Spa... Stay tuned. Thanks Lee and Friends!

2) Lands' End : Lands' End has been a constant in my life. Whether it's the consistent great outfit, quality or a new favorite sweater like the new "Feel Good Sweaters" of BlogHer and the Campaign, or being one of my first Sponsors, I am thrilled to take it to Asheville with my friends from Dodgeville, Wisconsin in mind. Lands' End is a mighty company and I value our working relationship and their trust in Carolina Mama. Thank You Lands' End.

3) The Mom Select Team: Blogging really came to life for me in a personal way this Spring when I met Maria Bailey of MomTalk Radio, MomSelect and MomTV. Not only a Mom and Author, aside from her Professional side, she's a "Mom's Friend!" Each of us Moms on the MomSelectTeam are thankful for the camaraderie we have with Maria. Though she's traveling the country with business, she's settling down on Twitter to talk and keep up with the Moms. Thanks Maria and MomSelect for your Sponsorship.

4) FiberOne Yogurt: You all know, I heart FiberOne Yogurt! i.e. LOVE it! And Zero Guilt! The Tigers do, Mountain Man does. We're fans of all things FiberOne and the FiberOne Yogurt is our favorite go-to healthy snack of choice! I am honored to represent such a health conscious and natural company that is doing good things for families. Thank You FiberOne! Look for me at TypeAMomConf, I'll be the one with Certificates for your own FiberOne Yogurt! Hurry while the goodness lasts!

How awesome is that! I'll be engaged at the Conference as a mom team member for a great North Carolina resort, promoting my favorite quality family clothing company and the most awesome healthy yogurt on the planet! With that lineup, I could win on Survivor! That's all I'd need on an island or in an ordinary day as a stay-at-home-mom!

Thanks again to the most awesome Sponsors in the world! Stay tuned next week for some very real-time Live Blogging, The Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina - TypeAMom Conference!


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Smelling Coffee said...

Have fun!!!!!! I know you'll have a great time with everyone. Love ya!

Wendy said...

I'm not planning on attending, but I hope you have a great time! Asheville's a lot of fun. The leaves are just starting to show some color out here.

Jen @ One Moms World said...

Can't wait to spend the weekend together at the conference. It's going to be such a blast!