Notes From TypeAMom Conference

The TypeAMom Conference in Asheville, North Carolina was awesome! It was such a great experience to travel with Molly from! She is a dynamic organizer extraordinaire! If you have any questions or need more help with all things Moms and Organization, check her site out. Well, check her out anyway. You'll be glad. And if you have September's Better Homes & Garden, you'll see Molly there!

Then we had a treat by our very own Boone, North Carolina's Sarah of Real Life entertained us with her guitar! Isn't she great!

Here are some of the powerhouses on one of the speaking panels. Velveteen Mind, Alli Worthington, Kelby Carr, creator of TypeAMom, and other friends.

Lastly, check out Dr. Mommy! She is techy for sure. Here she is with one of her five children checking in. Daisy is a delightful lady and one I respect. It was so fun to visit with her.

And Dr. Mommy and Military Mom rallying over who gets to get Molly connected up on Tweet Deck for her iPhone. They are hilarious! We had fun at dinner at the Table in Asheville with our Thursday night group. And again here and there.

Thank you again to my awesome sponsors for sending me to the Conference - Ocean Isle Inn, Lands' End, Fiber One Yogurt and MomSelectTeam! These companies are stellar to work with anytime.

This was my first mommyblogger conference. It was a great experience. I loved meeting powerhouse PR folk, and powerhouse mommybloggers all in one room. Expect to hear more about the conference topics and panels, etc. We covered a lot of ground in the time we had. I am still processing and also jumping back in full-on to family life, school, etc. here at Carolina Mama.

Have you attended one of the mommyblogger conferences? Plan to? If you would like more information about TypeAMom Conference and pictures, vlogs etc. go to Pensieve Robin to see more!


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Real Life Sarah said...

Oh, I love those pictures! That was a pretty good one of me with the guitar! It was so fun hanging out with you!

mgold said...

What a nice recap Malise...feeling some CarolinaMama love! You are a great colleague and friend and I'm honored to have spent such a wonderful weekend of learning and fellowship. Next time...its the spa though...I'm just sayin!

Nancy M. said...

Sound like y'all had lots of fun and learned a lot too!

Melissa Stover said...

it was my first time too. but such fun!

Beth in NC said...

Oh, it looks like you had SO MUCH fun!

You look so much like my cousin Jennifer. You two could be sisters.