South Carolina's Myrtle Beach

It's still warm out, so why spend a little more time doing this...

The children would love it and so would the rest of us! We usually get to the beach at the end-of-the-season. After all, it is definitely hot enough. And it is always a great time to check out a The Myrtle Beach Resort when there are not a lot of crowds. We prefer the quiet opposed to the busy crowds.

We love amenities like these. Most Myrtle Beach Resorts focus on great Golf Packages. And there are many courses. There is even a ton of miniature gold for the children. You can be playing golf, swimming at the beach or eating at House of Blues at Barefoot Landing, South Carolina and still be near lots of great Myrtle Beach Hotels.

There is always lots to do and it reminds me of our college days and learning to do the South Carolina Shag dance. Or shall I say attempting to learn the Shag. :) Fun memories indeed.

What are your favorite beach spots in South Carolina? What did you do this Summer at the beach?


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Nancy M. said...

I love Huntington Beach below Myrtle. It's a great place with few people and lots of wildlife. We also greatly enjoyed Ocean Isle a few weeks ago.

Carolina Mama said...

Absolutely, Ocean Isle Inn is so great for families! And the proximity to other beaches is perfect too. Thanks Nancy!