Chick-Fil-A Labor Day!

After an awesome Labor Day Weekend BB! and some pre-dinner hiking, look what we're up to tonight?!

My reader, Kelli, and I are sharing the same Labor Day Dinner.... :) So I am reminding you last minuters thinking "What's for dinner?!"

It's Chick-Fil-A Day! Wear your Team Logo and enjoy Dinner on the Cow! :)

Okay, who's going?! Let me know in comments. And what's your team logo? :) You know ours... Go Tar Heels! Happy Labor Day!

p.s. Yes, I am resisting the Sweet Tea! It's Diet Dr. Pepper for me! It's so worth it. Any DP fans?


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Love Being a Nonny said...

They close early hurry! Go Duke Blue Devils!

Kelli said...

We enjoyed our "free" dinner tonight! Hope you guys did too! To keep cost to a minimum, we all drank H2O!

Abby said...

We went today with friends before going to see a movie! Go UK Wildcats!!!

Carolina Mama said...

Alright Kelli, you win because we got fries and drinks. :) it is so cool of Chick-fil-a! Glad it was fun for everyone!

Bobbi said...

We went tonight! We represented Chicago teams (Cubbies & Bears) down here in the Carolinas.