Disney Imagination Movers to North Carolina

Hello North Carolina! Raleigh/Durham, RTP, and all. We love the Arts. And this one is close to our hearts. This is exciting the Durham Performing Arts Center presents Disney Imagination Movers!

"With a hit Disney Channel series and newly released Walt Disney Records CD under their belt, the wildly popular kid-pop quartet Imagination Movers will launch their first-ever U.S. concert theater tour,“Live From The Idea Warehouse Tour.”

Mark your calendar October 15th is the big event for North Carolina: Imagination Movers will be at the Durham Performing Arts Center. Bring your children to meet Rich, Scott, Dave and Smitty and hear these creative songs. Indeed, the Movers sing about things they know: messy rooms, healthy snacks, sibling rivalry and other topics that relate to being a little kid.

Thank you to the Durham Performing Arts Center for providing our family tickets to this fun event. Let me know if you plan to go. Stay tuned, we're working on a Giveaway too. :) Either way, this is just too fun so get your tickets. If you have seen the Disney Imagination Movers before, please let me know. This is just too exciting. Also, I'll plan to post a review with pictures of the entertaining evening!

Check out the Durham Performing Arts Center for more exciting events like Phantom of the Opera, Robin Williams and more. You can also follow them on Twitter here.


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A Trailer Park Mom said...

How fun! I wish we could afford it, my girls would love to see them. They need to come to Asheville, lol.

Enjoy! Can't wait to hear how you all liked it.

Kelli said...

My kids love that show!! Enjoy!

Shannon said...

So exciting!!! Personally I can't stand the show, but the buddies LOVE it!

The Smith's said...

That sounds like fun! I had a feeling you were near me- I grew up in Durham (near the RTP) and now live just accross the Durham line (North) It would be nice to meet you one day since I read your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

That is my roommate's Julie Rufenacht's birthday on the 15th of October which is also my birthday too. Julie will 45 and I will be 25 I will mark of the Imagination Movers in the North Carolina Meet and Greet. I will tell my roommate Julie about that when I tell her. I am inviting Julie to meet the Imagination Movers including my dream husband Mover Scott.
Mover Scott's Dream Wife