Organizing Tips For Glassware

With the onset of Fall, comes my organizing mojo! That's right, just when everything else kicks up for the new school year, I get my organizing gene in full gear. I am talking kitchen solutions. Seriously though, check out these cool glass racks.

These stemware racks are very simple, clean and on-sale. I love these great prices. So I'm thinking put a couple of these in and then I can stack glassware on the top of the shelf and on the bottom. That would solve my cabinet of glasses issue. They even have these cool wine glass racks. This would be perfect for our Wedding Crystal Goblets.

How do you organize your kitchen cabinets? Particularly the glassware?

Now, for that plastic ware.... :)


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Kelli said...

Organization? What is that? LOL!! I am okay with glasses but the plastic bowls have taken on a life of their own!!! I have no tips!

Shannon said...

I'll get around to taking some shots of mine one of these days for ya.

Carolina Mama said...

Kelli, I got a great solution for that one too! Just this weekend a friend gave me the answer, once I implement, I'll share! :)

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Glass Coaster said...

With constant daily use and heavy foot traffic, however, kitchens can quickly go from a gathering place to a place that gathers clutter.