Theatre and Writing Matter

Time to admit, I am a 'sucker' for theatre and writing. So when I opened my inbox to discover this wonderful Theatre and Writing Playwright Contest, I had to let myself agree to share the fun because Arts - theatre and writing matter. After all, it' a Contest!

The Dentyne® Make Face Time™ campaign and their partner, Manhattan Theatre Club, one of the country’s leading not-for-profit professional theatre companies announce the following Contest:

The launch of two play writing opportunities about personal relationships in the digital age as part of their ongoing Make Face Time™ campaign, both dubbed Dentyne® “Relationships” Playwright Contest –

1) one is a national contest open to the general public; and

2) the other is a contest open to students at participating colleges and universities.

However with a submission deadline quickly approaching on March 9th. Please help share the focusing on promoting these contests. Anyone can enter the national public contest.

Contest Information: With the national contest open to the general public, aspiring amateur playwrights can submit their entries for a chance to win a trip to New York City and have their original, short two-person play performed by professional actors at one of MTC’s theatres at New York City Center before a live audience.

Additionally, I cannot forget that the winner of the national public contest wins a $7,500 cash grand prize. Learn more by visiting: Sinuate Media.

*** Linking up with Hooked on Fridays because we are sooo hooked on Theatre and Writing. This has to be entered. Good luck if you submit something. And let us know.


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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Well, that's fun! Good luck--that would be a fabulous prize to win! :-)

Andi said...

What a great opportunity!