Get this, Teach Your Child

Get this, what a concept! This "Teach Your Child" article was so awesome. No matter, how you do schooling, the idea I took away here is parents need to have confidence in our abilities to teach our own children we were given. And that's just good parenting.

Teach Your Child.

Hope you didn't miss this - it's too fun. Have a blessed Saturday. We're a bustle to get Mountain Man's Birthday in order! :)


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Tipper said...

Hi! Just wanted to say I've been looking around your blog-and I greatly enjoyed it. I came over from Southern Blessings. I'm a Carolina Girl too-so I really like how you're promoting the Carolinas.

Kathy_in_Colorado said...

This is so true - I'll share this with others as well - keep on getting the word out there
Enjoying your blog