Confession of Carolina Mama

It was an awesome weekend here. Rainy, yes. March Madness, yes! Carolina Blue, yes, but wanted that ACC Tourney Title. Happy that Duke scored it! And that our UNC Tar Heels are No. 1 in the AP Poll for the NCAA. Go Blue!

We celebrated Mountain Man's birthday yesterday - really all weekend long - and it was great. We've been celebrating his birthday for thirteen years - counting dating - together. Once again, I am reminded of how blessed I am that God's plan is perfect. I am thankful for my heaven-scent family.

This Monday morning, I have a confession to make which will be included in my Monday "Not Me!" Let me preface with the fact that we have a pretty high standard for language in our home. My parents did and we do.

So what a bummer for me to experience a meltdown at Church yesterday. You heard it. Not me! We were doing the usually family hustle to get to church on time and bring everything we needed, etc. And this Sunday, we brought Breakfast snacks and a big Birthday balloon and card for Mountain Man so that our friends could celebrate with us. This is something I did for Mountain Man when we were dating and his birthday fell on a Sunday.

All was going well, except it was raining steady all morning. Mountain Man had to be early for worship because he was playing on the team yesterday. So the Tigers and I were carrying all of this in the rain. Honestly, they were doing great all things considered.

We got inside all the way to the room to set up which is opposite of the sanctuary, and one of the Tigers had a meltdown because he thought he left his Bible in the car and he really wanted to get his sticker for bringing it.... ;) I am attempting to get them to hold it together so we can set up and get to the service.

Then, I went to the White Board to write my message Happy Birthday etc. to Mountain Man when I wrote with a marker on the dry erase board.... double urggg. The only pen on the board was the wrong one. Now I had to clean the board and find a correct marker while letting one of the Tigers know he could use a different Bible.

Finally, I found a pen in the room next door, I start writing and it is a "Winnie" pen. It writes like a fine tip Bic and I blurt out, "This is a "winnie" pen... Didn't that sound real mature. And where on earth did that come from anyway? Of course, at that moment on of the older ladies of the church walked in to see what was going on with the children. And I blurt out "winnie pen." Not me! I was pretty embarassed and I just stood there like what do I say.

You know what, I didn't say anything. The last thing I had time to do was talk about the situation. So I just went to a third room and got a normal couple of pens and came back and wrote the message. Then the boys and I had finished our set up and we were off.

Right then, as we walked past the coffee station where the lady was setting up, and she holds up a nice new, fat Dry Erase marker, and says, "Here's one." Well, isn't that swell. So nice of her to maybe bring it to me in my 'distress.' :) Of course, our task was complete at that point but really.

Did I feel badly about saying something like that in a knee-jerk reaction especially at church with my children and an older lady? Yes, and yes, I decided that I am human and I do not have time to worry about what someone standing by thinks, so I just took the boys on with me and told them we really don't use the word wienie, how ever the tarnation you spell it.... :) And that's is my Sunday confession. :)

What about you?! Any similar situation you want to share to make me feel better? :) That would be great. Have a good one and for all of us Carolinians, stay dry and enjoy the March Madness since the BlueS are making us proud.


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Melanie Dorsey said...

My confession?
During Life Groups yesterday morning, the facilitator made a comment that started like this, "Let my..."
He stumbled a bit and repeated, "Let my..."
All I could think of was the spiritual "Go Down, Moses" and the line that says, "LET MY PEOPLE GO." And yes, I had to go and say it. I don't think he thought it was funny although his wife and a couple of others laughed. At least I didn't sing it. But I wanted to.
"When Israel was in Egypt's land, 'Let my people go...'"

I don't think "wienie" is so bad. ;)

Claire said...

We all slip from time to time...I'm just glad you had a good weekend :-).


Kathy_in_Colorado said...

um, I put a new dish in the crock pot this morning and started cleaning the house - my oldest son called and asked us to meet him, his wife and my new grandson and hour and a half away, so we went, spent the day - came back 7 hours later and the chicken dish was overdone - that was 2lbs chicken with 2 cups juice, 2 cups sauce and 1/2 cup honey
Feel better? :)

Karin said...

Hey Carolina Mama! I just found your blog through my charming kids. I'm sure the weinie comment was a little embarrassing-of course this is coming from someone who gets embarrassed quite easily! Really I don't think it was that bad! Anyway I just wanted to say I am super psyched about the Heels, but Duke well let's just say I don't really consider them a North Carolina team. I'm trying to be nice here...GO HEELS!