The Beauty of Read and Share Bible DVD


Immediately, when I first saw this Read and Share Bible DVD it sounded like a great way to give the boys some extra scripture.

Then, honestly, when we arrived and I read closer before playing, I second-guessed thinking it was too 'young' for my just-eight-year-old boys. Of course, I wouldn't know until I tried, so I put the DVD on when the time was right.

Oh my goodness, the boys were seriously captivated and mesmerized with this DVD Collection. The short vignettes were just right for a fresh look at these Bible stories. The boys loved the entire DVD.

Then the pictures and coloring were well animated. The Read and Share Bible DVD was a fun and exciting new take on the Bible for Children.

My thoughts are that this DVD would be wonderful for children all the way through eight years old and beyond afterall, Mountain Man and I loved it too! :)


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Smelling Coffee said...

We had something similar to this for our kids when they were younger. In fact, we just passed it on to our little neices and nephews. :-)