Southern Biker - Look Mom No Feet!

We took a ride in the country today. Here's what we couldn't stop laughing about for sure. We looked up when this guy passed us up and got a charge out of his riding without his feet.

As I was remiss "wish I had the camera" I realized I had it. And this is what I got. Pretty good considering Mountain Man had to speed up to catch this. Then when we got to a small town, I got a closer look and check out the Rebel Flag helmet.

And that's another "Only in the South!"


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Shannon said...

Yep, it always looks funny. But, he is stretching out his legs. I didn't know this either, the hubs says it is comfortable.

Lisa said...

LOL! Oh, my. What would his mother say??? Seriously, I think I should've been born in the south. Love everything about it. I think I'm just a southern gal trapped in a northern gal body. Sigh...

Carla J Schuchman said...

That's how we do it! I have forward controls so I do still look lady like, but my legs are stretched out. As far as the rebel flag. Yup! Southern boys where that a lot, I think just about every part of my husbands riding gear has that flag somewhere on it.

Great Pictures!