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With World Hunger Day yesterday, I wanted to share "My Compassion" story with you today. Thanks to Compassion International, we can all get involved quickly and easily right at home on our computers. One day I'll do more, today this is our story, My Compassion.

Just this Tuesday afternoon, and we were all going out for a hike. We enjoy this time together as a family. Exercise and fresh air. Mainly, Mountain Man and I marvel at these two earthen vessels we have in The Tigers who gaily jaunt in front of us at various speeds of sound and light.

We love it. The quiet and peaceful woods and its sounds. As we arrived at one of our favorites, we noticed more cars at the trail head than this flawless Spring day could call for - then we realized it was a large crowd gathered for a local track meet.

Already striking out on our trail we made the decision, there were just too many people, the track was too close to the trail and we wanted to avoid the noise and groups of peopled.

Just as we headed back to hop over to another gorgeous spot, "Crack" or "Pop" the sound of the track gun for beginning the race sounded. The race had commenced. Immediately, The Tigers asked what the noise was... the sound... and one of the Tigers even said, "I have never even heard what a gun sounds like Mama, ...."

His voice trailed off and his words stayed loud in my mind. "I have never even heard what a gun sounds like, Mama" .... That day, I had already been pondering Pastor Fred Winters - the murder that took place in his church less than twenty-four hours earlier.

Mountain Man and I began describing the events of the Track "Start" to a meet.

My heart was heavy enough thinking of such a thing taking place and little did I know that at approximately the same time, a gunman was attaching and killing his own family members and others in a small Alabama town.

A bit somber I know, yet as I sat down to write this post, it's "World Hunger Day" and I think of the plight of more children, these children in Bangladesh who live on .50 a day. That's right, fifty c.e.n.t.s... More children who are troubled and there are those who have heard gun shots - way too many - who live on little.

So we talked with the boys and they got it - right away - there are children and they are hungry. And .50 a day can feed a child for a day. Do you know they wanted to donate their birthday money. Then after talking about their allowance, they decided they would give part of it to the children who are hungry.

We're tippy-toeing into our first Compassion donation. :) You can too. It is what we can do today and we're excited about an organization like Compassion.

Two things to look out for with Compassion: March 22nd is World Water Day, and April 22nd a very special group of bloggers takes off to India to meet and minister to the children in India. Until then, let's pray.


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Mel said...

I think Compassion is an awesome organization, we have a compassion child :)

Hooray for your boys and their compassion

Melanie Dorsey said...

What a touching post.

Shaun Groves said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this story.