Real Summer Daz and More 'Not me!'

Spending my Summer daz with two Tigers...

It's a full, fun adventursome and busy time. It is busy here. One Tiger is on the way to basketball camp and the other and I get to go to Barnes and Noble and for some running and rowing. You know, my "usual activities" - pun intended. :) My summer schedule just may be posting in the afternoons. Talk soon and in the words of our friend Tigger... "TTFN - Ta Ta For Now!"

Keeping it real. What does your schedule look like? :)

Not Me! I did not just let the Tigers eat Popsicles along with their chopped Apples. Not me!

And I did not just take a photo of my cute son calling his brother just minutes after we dropped him at his individual time basketball camp - while I was driving! No, Not Me! Because I did not want to miss this moment. [Fortunately, we were safe on the rode and no more pictures while driving.]

What have you "Not me!" done! All the Best!


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Nancy M. said...

Y'all are keeping busy this summer. We are staying busy with the garden. Your activities sound more fun, lol!

Tammy said...


And I love TTFN.

Sarah said...

Been busy and am catching up on reading posts! The boys are too cute! I continue to be jealous about your trip to the beach! :) We are headed to VA in July but won't be close enough to the coast to enjoy the sand.