Unexpected Surprise and My Child's Love Language

This week has been a welcome opportunity to share a little one-on-one time with Tiger A as I mentioned earlier this week. Of course, the first dillema is missing time with Tiger B. The only consilation is he is having a blast at Basketball Camp. Otherwise, Tiger A and I are enjoying our unusual week together.

This afternoon I was reminded of how much Tiger A loves animals and even snakes! Evident here with his sheer bliss over this snake.

But it was this morning that took my breath away....

The moment came unexpectedly. Like this morning realizing yet another sign of my child's love language... Cinnamon Rolls!

Well, I knew this already. From the days I used to make them homemade more often. Today, his enthusiasm was unmatched as he asked me to repeat the fact that he could have a Cinnamon Roll the size of a basketball for the second time this week.

He chose the big high tables and after his Cinnamon Roll party, I worked with him on his Sunday School lesson. Loved the individual time to hear his answer to these questions. Like what are you good at doing? He said: writing, reading and math. I loved hearing this. Then we talked about what he wanted to work on - I also loved his answer. He knows himself well. Later, we prayed about this together.

As I wrapped his hand around the pencil and then mine over his, I was fully expecting to hear "Mommy, I know how to do this." Instead, we proceeded. Me leading the way - reinforcing - like we've done for a couple of years - on and off. And holding his hand with pencil to write... "Don't let go of my hand Mommy." And I didn't.

He isn't afraid to take my hand. To get help - sometimes. He is affectionate with his family and friends. Yet, today was a quick reminder that as big as they're getting and as quickly as it is all going, they do love when Mommy gives a hand. They do need that extra hug and reassurance even if it is the steady of a pencil from Mommy.

This stayed with me. Because I realized I could hear myself - "Father please do not let go of my hand." If only I thought like this on a day-to-day basis. God I am/we're in your hands.

Reminding me of the "Blind Boys of Alabama" song "Take My Hand" -

"Take my hand and let me guide you
Take my hand when you're alone
Take my hand and let me guide you
Take my hand to lead you home."

These Cherubs, my precious boys, teach me so much more than I ever imagined. May I always learn the lesson from them! :)


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Mel said...

i clapped at the end of your post!!! Poignant..