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Many of you have asked "What's the deal with Twitter?" "I don't get Twitter." We call it microblogging. Now you can see and read about it. This visual was pretty compelling to look at about the History of Twitter. My friend just passed this on to me today - where else but on Twitter. So if you're a non-Twitter.

For me, Twitter and I were love at first site. And I've been "Tweeting" ever sense. Here are a few of my favorite things about Twitter. After all, I am a member of the Twitter Club, "I Was Here Before Oprah!" And Demi Moore's husband, etc. Though it's fun to see it pick up lately, it is tough too because we kinda liked it before it was "celebritized."

1) It's all inclusive; for a while now I have been able to really get the latest news and links right away on Twitter. Like that plane crash in New York, it was pretty cool, I was on Twitter when the first Tweet came out. "The Tweet that was heard around the world." A Twitter saw it live and tweeted it before any one else or of course, the local news.

2) It's your basic 'word-of-mouth' - Have a question - Tweet it. I have learned and shared not only great posts and Giveaways but weather, a sale or a product recall. You name it.

3) It's short and succinct. Not time consuming like the social media rave Facebook. Twitter is quick and easy. And

4) Finally, I love the camaraderie and support from my mommyblogging and company sponsors on Twitter.

Let me know your thoughts on Twitter. Please leave me your Twitter address in comments or Twitter me @:


And click over and check out the blog where this graphic originated - it's a lot more ledgable @ Manolith.

Do you Twitter? Have long have you done so? What's your biggest Twitter Wow!?


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shanchere said...

When I first found out about Twitter, I thought it was useless and ridiculous. My attitude was pretty much who cares? But after serious reconsideration and use, I have changed my mind. It has become a major connection and communication center in my life. My tweets are like a reference library, authored by myself and other tweeters. It is a lead generator for blog ideas, a friend finder, a blog finder, and a news-breaker. It is like having a journalist in my pocket, an encourager at my side, and often a comedian in my head. I love it now!