Latest Car Reviews Jeep Dodge Acura and Prius

Well you can imagine how excited Carolina Mama was to be asked to write about these lovely cars. My enthusiasm was in hopes they had the inclusion - "Please email us your address so that we can deliver you this to test drive for a year."

This Jeep 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo would be my first choice.

What I did discover is that here are some really cool reviews of amazing cars like: This Dodge Dakota which I did test drive when I was making the monumental decision to become a Mini Van Mom! That's right. And I am proud of it. Still loving it. Thought the Dodge Dakota was pretty cool. I am not a truck kinda girl.

And the Tigers are fans of this 2009 Acura. Seriously, they have great taste I would say. Then if you are looking for a commuter car, here's what I would say is your ticket - check out this Toyota Prius Review. Between a commute and summer gasoline prices, the Prius would be a great call.

Otherwise, I'll let you know when I hear from Jeep for my test drive. Once you check these out, let me know what your favorite cars are? See ya and that's the wrap on my first car review post. :) Now, show me the BMW Mini Van! After all, Real Life Sarah revealed that I live in yuppyville! :) That's right, she said that on her live MomTV show! :)


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