Rash Guards and Me, Beach Blogging

Mountain Man captured these pictures of our "Best of Carolina" live BeachBlogging. What a sketch. This did about sum it up. Me and my laptop poolside. It was a fun time at Ocean Isle Inn.

Check out my guys in their beach gear - Rash Guards - making sand castles right in front of our Uber Beach Umbrella!

And check out my lovely Lands' End Rash Guard. That's right! Hip Mama thanks to Lands' End. Truly it was Mountain Man who got me fired up about the "Rash Guard." He and the Tigers "Boogie Board" / Body surf most of the time at the beach. I've been known to myself.

These were amazing protection from the elements. They also have a UVA/UVB protection in the garment! Isn't that amazing! And then look at this cool style and pattern. They dry almost instantly. They move with you - almost for you! ;) (That would be the day!) And just a little FYI, Lands' End has a great Summer Sale going on right now. And if you sign up for their emails you'll get some free shipping sometimes. :) And that's gold!

Our whole family wore these and they were so comfortable and functional - they were one of our favorite items. It was great peace of mind to not have to worry about more sunscreen constantly. Though we used sunscreen often and liberally, it was reassuring to have on these Rash Guards.

Do you wear Rash Guards!?! You'll be glad if you do.


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"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!! Great pics!! But Rash Guards? Ummmmm, no, I'm one of those that would prefer to burn, ummm, I mean tan.... :o)


Jen @ One Moms World said...

How fun.. that looks like me at the beach too. Girlie girl wants to try the beach boards the next time we go to the beach.