Southern Preppy and Little Debbie Cakes Winners

Being a Southern Preppy, I wanted to share with you all a little preppiness from UNC that represents our Southern style. Meet Julian's of Chapel Hill. They're legend. Julian's is the brain behind "Argyle Nation" - Chapel Hill!

Here's a little linky love for Julian's along with some really preppy looks at what North Carolina Tar Heels look like.

Look closely at that photo below and you'll see Coach Roy Williams - the man. :) Here's the Women's cute corner of seersucker and argyle and khaki style.

Just for fun, I've added this Nail Trix picture of where I got my nails done in a cute French Manicure while the Tigers were at their Tennis Camp.

As promised here are my winners of the lovely 100 Calorie Little Debbie Cakes! Drum roll....

Congratulations go out to Karin @ Scribbling In San Antonio and EllyBean @ Connected 2 Christ. You'll be receiving your very own Big Box of Little Debbie goodness!

That's a wrap my friends. Summer has me by the tail. :) It's a good thing especially on days like this when it's Carolina gorgeous all day long! We're gearing up for the 4th of July. Are you? What are your plans? Ours are fun and what else, Carolina. Stay tuned.


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Melanie said...

Cute Argyle.
4th of July ~ road trip to MS to visit my parents and extended family!