Father's Day Gifts 2009

As promised, here's Father's Day from Mountain Man's perspective. Aside from Mountain Man's usual list: Family, family time, outdoors enjoying creation. Here's the list for 2009.

1. Ted's Montana Grill - we can most likely thank Mountain Man's Colorado roots for his love for all things Bison. And Ted's Montana Grill is amazing. The lean buffalo meat is outstanding even to Carolina Mama.

Ted's Montana

2. Mountain Biking - Surprise. Anything Mountains and/or Bike related. So any time he can get on his Mountain Bike, he is in his element. Most often he loads up the four of us and off we go. Other times, he rides with the guys.

3. Timex Iron Man - A man and his sports watch. Need I say more. And I have been a fan of the female "Iron Man" for many years and it is a constant in my workouts and life. Consistent. Performance. Great. It does it all - especially you can enjoy the patented Indiglo feature.

4. Swiss Army Knife. A man and his tools. His knife. A classic right of passage. Make sure your man has one. You'll be glad.

5. UNC Tar Heels - treading lightly here after the [loss] last night in the World Series... always all things UNC Tar Heels. So Mountain Man's collection gets kicked up a notch. There's even a 'need' in there with all the fun.

6. Music. Mountain Man has impecible taste in music. Cliassic. Christian & Gospel. Worship. Fun. And his Guitar skills are coming right along. [girls, stay tuned ! ;) ]

7. Star Wars. Star Trek. I may be 'marrying' my Stars... but there is a game here. Details are found at the iTunes Apple App Store. He loves it. Knows it's coming. Anticipates it. Need I mention more.

9. The Noticer. Great read - Mountain Man is a reader. The Noticer is amazing and delightful and encouraging and endearing all at once. I wrote about it here - somewhere. Cards from the Tigers. And they are adding the Japanese Origami fun this year. They are crazy for Origami now and so are we. They surprise us often with these lovely creations.

10. Carolina Mama Cooking. Mountain Man will chose a favorite meal from the Carolina Mama repertoire. Cooking is at the heart of our home and family. We cook together, eat together, at home, at our dining room table. Or there's always Pizza night watching the likes of Pooh Bear like we did last week.

BONUS: Time. Family time, family, family. And Mountain Man was encourage Family, Faith and Fun. {Where do you think I get it? We encourage each other there.]

Just for my readers and friends, Father's Day would not be complete without a Do It Yourself Project - right! So enter your man in the designer plumbing Giveaway. Enter to win the Kohler Master Showerhead by Designer Plumbing Outlet.  Go HERE. Drawing Saturday at 5pm EST. All the best. And God Bless you and your Man this Father's Day! I am hooked on Father's today. So join me in Hooked on Friday with what you're hooked on.

What's your Father's Day looking like? Have a great week! TFIG.


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Shannon said...

My hubs just want s the new and improved iPhone that comes out today. Nevermind that he just got one in February, lol. That and a vacation.

Terry said...

All this dad wants is a bit of family time. A few unexpected child hugs keeps us going all year long.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hubby will be content with all the kids and grandkids being here....

we'll have a "cook-out" of hamburgers and hotdogs for the occasion.


Cristin said...

My hubby wanted to go see the movie Up... so good. a must see.

great blog!


Kristin Joy said...

Thanks for the great ideas for Father's Day gifts. I like that sports watch.