Virtual Prayer Chain Carnival & Extended Giveaway

Please join us....

Introducing - "Pray It Friday."

Last Friday was a big day. It was the beginning of a long-time dream and the commencing of "Pray It Friday."

"Pray It Friday" is a virtual prayer chain for the blogging community and others. Most of us who are Christians, have our own network of prayer chains. Usually, it's just a phone call away. Now, in addition, your virtual prayer chain is just a comment, email or link away.

We'll share each week prayer requests and praises of those near and dear to us. Just like as we mommybloggers enjoy sharing our latest rave review of a product or service, I want to send a wave of prayer over your requests. I'll pray over each request. Others posting will pray as they read as well.

God takes it from there. Hope you'll join us this Friday or leave your prayer request on the link above for "Pray It Friday."

In "Win It Wednesday" Giveaway news, my link on the Win It Wednesday button inadvertently retained the previous (already drawn) giveaway link (urg, double urg) sooo I am extending for three days, the lovely and generous "Educating the Whole Hearted Child" Book Giveaway until this Friday @ noon. This is an amazing book and website for families, homeschoolers and educators in general.

The Whole Heart Ministries has let me know that the Giveaway book will be republished and updated June 2009, so they are also offering a half-off coupon to the lucky winner. Stay tuned.

When you check out their site, notice that Sally Clarkson is a blogger too. She has many words and years of wisdom to share.

Remember enter here by commenting what you liked best about their website. Thanks for bearing with me and my blonde moments.

Because I believe in the power of Prayer, this totally "Works For Me Wednesday" and every day!


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Shannon said...

I have one to add for the prayers this Friday. Our pastors son is very sick. He has been in intensive care for 12 days now. He has double pneumonia, a staph infection and some sort of infection in his bones. He will be moved to Duke soon for an operation. (they thought it was his appendix and went in to remove it, and that wasn't it, they removed it anyway) Oh, his name is Joseph and he is only 12 years old.

tardevil said...

Wow, I feel for Shannnon's pastor's son. If you do a button for your sidebar, I'll be happy to add it to my sidebar (for the Friday prayer thing).

Anonymous said...

Hi Friend, This is such a great idea and so happy you are starting this. Looking forward to Friday!
PS ~ I tagged you on my blog... Have a great night!!!!!

We are THAT Family said...

Thanks for doing this! I have a new friend I met thru my Russian friends and she and her family are staying at Texas Children's Hospital. Her first baby had a shunt put in this morning. He has Spina Bifida and need our prayers! Thank you.

We are THAT Family said...

I forgot to the leave the link