Bruce Springsteen @ Super Bowl

Just to add a little excitement to Monday blog days, I wanted to remind everyone especially those who didn't see it: Bruce Springsteen was not dancing in the dark last night! He had the lights and eyes of millions watching and singing along.

Yes, "Glory Days" keeps it coming. I found myself explaining to the Tigers how "Glory Days" and "Born to Run" have been songs I've run to for twenty years. First on my cassette player, then running with my CD player, my iPod shuffle and finally on my iPod Touch. "Born in the USA" still makes my heart skip.

Did you watch the festivities? How did you like it all? Springsteen fan? E Street days? ;)


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a Tonggu Momma said...

I love Springsteen, but my uncle is an even bigger fan! He was a groupie when Springsteen and the E Street band still played in dives up and down the Jersey coast. My dad's family lived about 10 minutes away from Springsteen's home town.

Nancy M. said...

I watched it, I didn't even realize he was gonna be on there. Of course I remember him from my teen years. It was great seeing him again!

Janine said...

I really thought he'd play Born in the USA, but he only had 12 minutes. And I think Steven V. got more TV time than Clarence...maybe because he was on The Sopranos? But I love Bruce.
and thanks for stopping by my blog - love yours!

Ginger said...

Gotta love that music! It brought back a lot of memories.